We collaborate with you and your team to identify your challenges and create software that aligns with your work flows. Together we streamline your information systems to meet your needs. Our goal is to keep your organization agile, able to do your best work.

Claris FileMaker

The Claris FileMaker Workplace Innovation Platform is the perfect fit for your information puzzle. An affordable, feature rich, rapid development environment that allows you to create multi-platform apps for desktop (Apple/Windows), the web and iOS devices. Keep your data on premisis or in the cloud. Automate repetitive tasks, fill the gaps in your information environment. Keep on track with digital transformation by integrating your information services with the world of applications APIs. A FileMaker solution can play a role as light weight as a spreadsheet/paper replacement or be the core business application used to steer the ship. It is a widely adopted tool by Mom and Pop operations to major corporations across the globe. Solutions created with FileMaker are supported by an exceptionally passionate and diverse development community. Claris is a subsidiary of Apple that has been growing and improving this platform with out fail for 20 + years. A highly regarded and reliable platform to embrace.

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User Interface Design

We make beautiful applications thoughtfully designed for people who use them in any environment. The success of any application is how well it fits in the hand and mind of it's users. The quality and excellence of your UI/UX will determine the success and longevity of a project. If your solution needs a make-over or you need help with your UI/UX we look forward to hearing from you!


Hello World! My name is Chiyoko Yoshida. chiyoFM is a company I founded in 1997 in Chicago, Illinois.

I partner with my clients and other organizations to create applications that streamline workflows for desktop and iOS with an emphasis on excellent UI and UX. The mission is to do great work, with great people who are passionate about solving problems.

I have grown up with the FileMaker platform, building custom apps, participating in the development community, earning FileMaker certifications and attending every FileMaker event possible. I graduated from attendee and dipped a toe into presenting in 2013 @PauseOnError when I held a session called "How we work". It all started after art school. I became a self-taught, in-house application developer at a Design firm. Eventually I found a job working at a Web Design/IT/Networking/Security firm where I learned a ton about technology. At that point I decided to focus exclusively on custom application development and consulting. I had great fortune to find a position as a Senior Developer working at two Platinum FileMaker firms. Along this path I found my wings and the courage to pursue my dreams to dedicate all of my time to building my own business. Things have gone well and I have great clients, great projects and I collaborate with some of the best development firms and independent consultants in the world.

chiyoFM puts together teams of highly specialized consultants to produce solutions for businesses across the country, over a wide variety of industries. From Alaska to Boston we share an intimate knowledge of how businesses work inside and out. Our clients specialize in design, manufacturing, music, entertainment and the medical industry to name a few.

Outside of chiyoFM I love exploring my new home state and village in rural northern New Mexico. Having migrated from my home town Chicago, IL I enjoy living and working in a very remote area. It's a new world of big skies, red dirt, a tiny house nestled on the side of a beautiful mesa near indian ruins. It is the land of enchantment with not a strip mall or gas station within 5 miles. I enjoy making art, music, biking, hiking, and cooking with my boyfriend, 3 dogs, 3 cats, 3 fish and 1 geen-cheeked conure.

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The Latest Work


Developer Window Control Scripts Demo

As FileMaker developers we often need to open a lot of layouts in separate windows. This file contains a handful of scripts that may help you open, rename, hide, close extra windows for a given file. These scripts will only work if the FileMaker file first window name is the same as the file name. However, I'm sure you clever people could modify a few things and get these to work with a file where the main window is customized to be different than the filename. Try out the buttons below to see how they work. Crack open the scripts to review and or improve. Hope this helps! ~ Chiyoko

Download Demo File

3 Methods To Remove Text Formatting From FileMaker Fields

This FileMaker 13 demo file shows 3 methods to remove text formatting from fields. People often request you change FileMaker native behavior to strip formatting if a user pasts text into a field so the font size, style and color remains consistent. Here you will find several different ways to acheive this. They all have their own pros and cons.

Download Demo File

3 Button Bar Spacing Challenge / Experiments

Todd Geist of posted a challenge on Twitter and on a FileMaker Developer community topic to figure out how to have a FileMaker 16 button bar display buttons dynamically without re-sizing. I played around with this and made a little demo. Figure I'd share what I learned. Enjoy a short movie where I guide you thru my experiment and demo file and also keep up on the FileMaker Community topic here

Download Demo File

Animated Merge Variables

This FileMaker 13 demo was an experiment with creating some animated UI effects using FileMaker merge variables. Its just fun to click thru. It's not tested on windows yet. I may do a blog post in the future to explain more detail about what is going on under the hood at some point. This was inspired by Jeroen Aarts demo file Randominator.

Download Demo File

FileMaker Themes | Design Palette

I needed a simple way to visualize the new FileMaker 13 themes and learn more about them. So I created a demo file as a design palette. This demo file explores each theme and visually shows the details of each layout object. You can see and experience how layout objects render for each state in a WYSIWIG like fashion. With this tool you can gain perspective on the consistency of your design as a whole.


Download Demo File

Capture Popover State

This FileMaker 13 demo file is a "New Feature" request idea created as an experiment to discover how to capture when a popover is active. It was very exciting and a great honor to see this file included in John Sindelar's session "Year in Review" at FileMaker DevCon 2014.

Download Demo File

Sub-Summary Report w/ Dynamic Data

This demo illustrates a powerful reporting technique that allows a developer to show both summary and detail data dynamically from a single layout. This technique. This will save time in not having to support multiple layouts.

Download Demo File